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Process development, manufacturing & supply of specialty chemicals, Intermediates for API. And Technical consultant to resolve realistic problems in chemical industries.

Prochem Innovatives
is a emerging company/ organization which works in the area of providing services to chemicals and pharmaceutical industries. Prochem Innovatives work in various domains of chemical industry like sourcing, process development and manufacturing of specialty chemicals including API intermediates.

Prochem Innovatives also provide the technical support for the development of new products, improvement in existing process and technology, trouble shooting, and waste management.

We are trusted name in the supplying of superior quality of products. The products are being manufactured under the close supervision of our expert professionals.

The core team of Prochem Innovatives is consisting of highly experienced and professional individuals from different segments of specialty chemicals and API industries.

The spectacular growth in the domestic market, is attributed to : 
* Strong focus on R&D,
* Incessant troubleshooting,
* Customer friendly work culture,
* Stringent quality checks.

  Ethyl TriphenylPhosphonium Bromide
  TetraButylAmmonium Bromide
  Tri (o-tolyl)phosphine (TOTP)
  2 - ChloroAcetamide
 API's such as :

 Salbutamol Sulphate,
 Diclofenac sodium,
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