Ethyl TriphenylPhosphonium Bromide. (EtPBr)
CAS No : 1530-32-1
It is a phase transfer catalyst, used in the production of Epoxy resin and powder coatings, it can also be used as pharmaceutical intermediate in several synthetic processes. They are also used as catalysts in the synthesis of certain organic compounds.
TetraButylAmmonium Bromide (TBAB)
CAS No : 1643-19-2
TetraButylAmmonium Bromide (TBAB) Cosmetic Ingredient, Biphasic organic transitions in the pharmaceutical industry, Phase Transfer Catalysts for the agrochemical product, Phase Transfer Catalysts in the polymer (e.g. epoxy) industry.
Tri(o-tolyl)phosphine (TOTP)
CAS No : 6163-58-2
Used as a phase transfer catalyst in the manufacturing of API, Agro chemical industry. Especially in the following processes–Silylations, Buchwald-Hartwig Cross Coupling Reaction, Heck Reaction, Negishi Coupling,Suzuki-Miyaura Coupling.
2- ChloroAcetamide
CAS No : 79-07-2
Preservative in cosmetic and herbicides.
M Bromo Anisole
CAS No : 2398-37-0
Used in the manufacturing of Tramadol.
CAS No : 57-50-1
Benzyl Chloride
CAS No : 100-44-7
Benzyl chloride is the precursor to benzyl esters which are used to manufactureplasticizers, flavorants, and perfumes.Phenyl acetic acid, a precursor to pharmaceuticals.

CAS No : 91-01-0
It has uses in perfume and pharmaceutical manufacture. In perfumery it is used as a fixative. In pharmaceutical manufacture it is used in the synthesis of antihistaminesantiallergenic agents and antihypertensive agents. It is used in the synthesis ofModafinil.
O-Benzyl Salbutamol
CAS No : 56796-66-8
Intermediate for Salbutamol Sulphate.

CAS No : 3572-43-8
Intermediate for BromhexineHCl.

Intermediate of Losartan (BCFI)
CAS No : 83857-96-9
For manufacturing of Losartan Potassium.

CAS No : 128-08-5
Used in the manufacturing of various API.

Isopropyl Alcohol HCl (IPA HCl)

CAS No : 
Triethylamine hydrochloride (TEA HCl)
CAS No : 554-68-7
Ethyl Acetate HCl (EA HCl)

CAS No : 
  • Intermediates of Salbutamol,
  • m bromo anisole,
  • 2-Chloro Acetamide (CAS No. 79-07-2),
  • m-chloropropiohenone,for Bupropion (CAS No - 34841-35-5),
  • Tri orthotolyl phosphine (CAS No - 6163-58-2),
  • Ethyl triphenylphosphonium bromide (CAS NO 1530-32-1)
    List of some API :

  • Salbutamol Sulphate,
  • BromohexaneHCl,
  • Bupropion,
  • Telmisartan,
  • TizanidineHCl,
  • Diclofenac sodium,
  • Chlorthalidone hydrochloride (Diuretic),
  • Metoclopramide HCl,
  • Divelproex sodium

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